Weilling Tan & Wendy Tan | Co-founder
We are Home Grown, and World Class!

We are GeorgeTowners & proud Penang-nites. We are from the heritage city where creative talents lives.
Our heritage has trained us to think creatively, visionary and stay humble.

The Founder
The creative enthusiast who refuses to conform. Though a qualified designer by profession, Weilling Tan carves his own niche in solving marketing challenges instead. He refuses to just being an ordinary creative designer like everyone else. He mergers his artistic talent with his inquisitive mind to solve branding and marketing problems. A unique combination rarely found in the industry, which makes him almost indispensable to any entrepreneur or business owner. If you’re looking for a designer who understands business, entrepreneurship and marketing, then Weilling Tan is definitely your guy to go to!
Today, he's the founder of Motion Branding, an endeavor he passionately started together with his wife (Wendy Tan, also a talented creative director) since 2007. Almost a decade in business, Motion Branding has grown through leaps and bounds serving thousands of clients from big to small, where no project is too big or small for them, and is not short of a huge portfolio of creative work to boast of. Take a peep and you'll be pleased with their work!